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Dance Department

YMCA Preschool and Youth Dance Department

To make this a more enjoyable experience for all, we ask that you follow some simple guidelines:

  1. Please have your child use the restroom prior to class.
  2.  Parents/Guardians of children under 6 should remain at the YMCA while their child is in class.
  3. Please be on time for class.  Some children may need additional time to get settled.  We appreciate your consideration!
  4. Please inform the dance instructor of any special considerations regarding your child that you feel we should know.
  5. Proper attire:  No jewelry or toys in class please!
    • All students should wear a solid colored leotard with tights.  A skirt or shorts is optional.  Leggings are acceptable as well.  Please have a bag for your student to keep their belongings in.
    • Please have students name in their belongings.
    • Students wear ballet shoes, tap shoes, or split sole sneakers for Hip-Hop.  These items can be purchased at Payless Shoes.
    • Girls should have their hair tied back. A ponytail or braid is acceptable.  Short hair should be pushed away from the face
    • Please have your child bring water to class.

Here’s to an exciting year of dance together!

We welcome your comments or suggestions.  Let us know what you would like to see in our dance program.

Dance Instructor  978-454-7825
Contact: Devin D’Ambrosio    for questions