Greater Lowell YMCA
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Online registration


In order to renew membership you need to

  • Have a log in and password
If you have a  login and password, you will also be able to register for programming, pay outstanding balances for childcare or view account history.
If you do not have a login and password, you can click retreive login (we must have your email on file) If we do have your email on file, a login will be emailed to the address we have in our files.  If you do not receive an email, we DO NOT have your email address on file.


Enter the information of the child that you will be registering

  • Youth memberships are $145.00 this is good for one year

After processing the membership, you will be able to login and register for the program of your choice.

Please refer to the program of your choice for rates.  Youth members pay the single member rate. (If you think you will register for two of more programs or sessions, you will save $$ if you make the child a youth member of family member)

Lap Swimming

All lap swimming and swimming rules may be altered at the discretion of the lifeguards at any time.

Lap lanes are available for lap swimming by all members 13 years and older
Lap lanes can support up to 6 swimmers
Swimmers are encouraged to swim side by side or use circle swimming

Lap lanes may be available for lap swimming by members younger than 13 years old under the following guidelines:

    • an adult must be present on the pool deck while the child is in the pool

Younger swimmers are asked to avoid ‘high volume’ times. This is typically during the work week:

  •  before work hours (7:30AM to 9:00AM)
  • at lunch time (12:00PM to 1:00PM)
  • immediately after work hours (4:30PM to 6:30PM)
  • If a younger swimmer wishes to swim during adult lap times, please try to ‘match’ adult lap manners
  • Quieter voices
  • Do not splash swimmers in adjacent lanes
  • Avoid leaping from the starting blocks
  • Enter the water ‘gently’ – especially when an adjacent lap swimmer is approaching you.
  • If lap lane use is especially heavy, (all lanes full, adults waiting) the younger swimmers are asked to defer to the adult swimmers
  • Some Lap Lanes are now Adult Only
  • Adult Only lap lanes are for those 13 years and older

Adult Only lap lanes are marked on the Pool Schedule by @  adult only lap lane times are subject to change.

Private Lessons by a YMCA Instructor may be given at any time the pool is open and may be given to any age group.


The difference between the Y and other gyms

We are often asked,  “What is the difference between the Y and other gyms?”

The answer, Belonging to the Y is commitment to the community.  Yes the Y offers exercise classes and equipment. Yes, we have a pool, basketball courts and racquetball courts. However, at the Y we also have a preschool, we care for hundreds of children each and every day both before and after school, we offer a soup kitchen on the weekends, we offer programming for youth such as swim lessons, youth sports, dance, theater & summer camps.

The Y is a safe haven for many individuals and families that are struggling day to day. We recognize these families and offer scholarships for those that need the funding. The process for the scholarship is an application process so that we know that the individuals that are receiving assistance are deserving families.  for the past few years, we have issued over $500,000.00 and we are very proud of this.  A portion of your gym fees help us to achieve these needs and goals.

We thank you for being a part of the GREATER LOWELL FAMILY YMCA family.  Is is truly a pleasure to have you in our circle.


Can I use my membership at another YMCA?
Your Greater Lowell Family YMCA membership can be used at ANY YMCA in New England.  You will not be charged to use these facilities.  However, if you would like to register for programming, or Summer Camps, you can only register at the YMCA that you have joined.

How do I know if classes/programs are cancelled?
If classes/programs are cancelled, we will post on Facebook @Greater Lowell YMCA, twitter @GreaterLowellY or by opting in to receive an email.  You can opt in via our website on the home page. During inclement weather, we follow the Lowell Public School Dept for cancellations.  If Lowell Public schools are cancelled, all group exercise classes, youth sports, swim team practices and instructional programs are canceled.

Do I have to have a membership to register for programming?
NO,   you would pay the Non member rate noted on the flyer. However, you would register one week after members register.

Will I save money on registration if I/my child becomes a full member?
YES, with a full membership the registration is typically half price.

Do I have to be a member to use the Greater Lowell Family YMCA facilities or programs?
Although a membership is the best way to take advantage of all that the Y has to offer, non-members can use the facilities on a daily fee basis for cardio, weights, basketball courts, racquetball courts and pool. (please refer to schedules for the areas you intend to visit)

What are the Y’s operating hours?
The facility hours are 5:00AM-10:00PM Monday-Friday, 6:00AM-6:00PM Saturday and 7:00AM-4:00PM.  Our modified weekend schedule for the Summer months – Memorial Day weekend through Labor Day weekend are Saturday 7:00AM-6:00PM and Sunday 7:00AM-Noon.  We are closed on:  Christmas, New Year’s Day and Easter Sunday. On Memorial Day, 4th of July,  Labor Day and  Thanksgiving  7:00AM-Noon.  Christmas Eve and New Years Eve we will close at 4:00PM.

INCLEMENT WEATHER: Staff will open the building as close to opening hours as possible.  Safety is our main concern for our staff.

In the event that a State of Emergency is declared, the building will be CLOSED.

What should I do if I lose my membership card?
You should obtain a replacement card at the Welcome Center. There is a $10 charge for a replacement card.

Are there personal trainers available to help me reach my fitness goals?
Yes. For information, contact the Health & Fitness Director at 978-454-7825 x20.

Does the Y take credit card payments?
Payments can be made in cash, check, and credit card (Discover,MC, VISA and AMEX).

When will my account be charged for my payment?
Your account will be charged on the 1st or 15th of the month.  The date is determined at the time of purchase.

I go away for several months at a time. Can I put my membership on hold?
No. Your membership can be placed on hold for medical reasons only.  Visit the Welcome Center to obtain the necessary request form.

How do I cancel my membership?
Membership cancellation requires a 30-day written notice. Visit the Welcome Center to obtain the necessary request form. Cancellations will NOT be accepted via email or fax.

Do fitness classes come with my Y membership?
All fitness classes are included in your membership with the exception of Aqua Arthritis Classes.

Is there financial assistance available to help me afford a Y membership and/or program?
Yes. People Helping People program offers financial assistance for memberships and programs. Visit the Welcome Center to obtain an application.

Can I purchase a “pool use only” membership?
No, pool use only is not an option.

What is Silver Sneakers?
Silver Sneakers is a membership type for seniors on medicare that is paid by Healthways Insurance. Please consult your insurance representative to see if you may qualify.

Suggestions for steam and dry heat rooms




The steam room temperature ranges between 115 – 125 degrees, with 100% humidity. The average individual can take 4-8 minutes of steam. This is enough time to allow the body to break into a full sweat. Following a workout, when the body is worked up, 4-5 minutes is sufficient, and 6-8 minutes may be needed to gain a full sweat if the body is cold.

• A Steam bath longer than 10 minutes can be dangerous. Long exposure to steam may cause the body to begin dehydration processes and result in nausea, or passing out from heat exhaustion.

 • Individuals with cardiac or respiratory conditions should consult their doctor before using the steam room or sauna.

DO NOT EXPECT TO LOSE TRUE BODY FAT BY STEAM BATHS.  Weight loss following a steam bath is regained by normal eating and drinking.

Muscle soreness may be somewhat eased and relief gained from taking steam baths.

Following a steam bath, it is a good idea to take a cool or cold shower to close the skin’s pores and avoid colds, particularly in the winter months.

Remember, the steam bath is not a treatment or a cure, but an aid to better body functions, and common sense should guide the individual in their use.

Dry heat sauna room temperature is 170–180 degrees with 5–10 % humidity.