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Learn To Lift: Foundational Strength

Program Time:

March 7 – April 20

Tuesday and Thursday 6:00am or 8:00am

Program Location:

Lowell YMCA, Wellness Center

Program Cost:

Family Member:         $55

Single Member:          $75

Non-Member:             $150

This program will work specifically on strength training and making you stronger. You will learn new modalities and how to program your strength training for bone and muscle longevity and mass. This course will help you understand the purpose of rest, tempo, rep schemes and set schemes to meet the strength goals that you seek. It’s a great course to help you learn new exercises and get a grasp on how to self program.


  • Weight Loss and Lower Fat Composition
  • New exercises
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Improved skill, balance & coordination
  • Learn to self program