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Personal Training

The Personal Trainers at the Lowell YMCA can help you reach your fitness goals by creating a program that is unique to you. Whatever your training goals, we will take your fitness level to a new heights!

The benefits of Personal Training include:

  • Improved strength, endurance, skill, balance & coordination and body composition
  • Increased energy and stamina
  • Increased self-confidence and improved body image

You will receive:

  • Customized & progressive workouts
  • Individual and safe instruction
  • Motivation, support and encouragement

One-on One Personal Training Rates
30 minute sessions

Sessions          Length              Rate_Member/NON Member_
One              30 minutes                         $ 20.00/$35.00
Five             30 minutes                         $110.00/$190.00
Ten              30 minutes                         $200.00/$3500.00

One-on One Personal Training Rates
60 minute sessions

Sessions         Length          Rate Member/NON Member  
One             60 minutes                        $ 40.00/$70.00
Five            60 minutes                        $185.00/$320.00
Ten             60 minutes                        $340.00/$595.00

Group Personal Training (2-6) (Rates are per-person)
60 minute sessions

Sessions        Length                        Rate ________

One               60 minutes              $  20.00
Five              60 minutes               $ 90.00
Ten               60 minutes               $ 165.00


Orientation      40 minutes                $FREE *
Instructor will teach fitness equipment
and machines and will show you your beginning
level, from which you can determine your best
fitness goals.   *New members or new to fitness.