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2017 Massapoag Brochure and Registration Forms

2017 Camp Massapoag Brochure

2017 Parent Handbook

– If you are registering for camp this summer please fill out a camp registration and emergency consent form. You will need to submit a recent physical and immunization record for your child.

2017 Camp Massapoag Registration Form

LIT (Leader In Training)
– Camp Massapoag is embarking on a new adventure that will require us to revise our Counselor-In-Training programming. Counselors are now required to be 17 years old to work for YMCA Camp Massapoag. With this change in mind we have adapted our Counselor-In-Training Program to a Leader-In-Training Program this summer. Our LIT program will continue to provide campers with leadership training as well as a great camp experience. If your child is applying for the LIT program they will need to fill out an LIT application along with a camper registration form.

2017 LIT Application


Financial Aid – If you would like to apply for financial aid please fill out the financial aid application and return it to the YMCA by April 15, 2017. All applications received after the deadline will be placed on a waitlist until more aid becomes available. There is no guarantee that aid will be given.

2017 Camp Massapoag Financial Aid Application


Medications – If your child needs to have medication administered to them while they are at camp or if they require an epipen or inhaler please fill out the following forms.

Camp Massapoag Request to Administer Prescription Medication