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What do I bring to camp?

List of things to Bring to Camp Everyday:

  1. Sneakers, everyday. Sandals permitted only on Beach field trips
  2. Water bottles
  3. Waterproof sunscreen and insect repellant
  4. Bathing suit and towel (one piece swim suits for girls)
  5. Lunch (no tuna and no heat-up lunches) along with drink
  6. Backpack (preferably with an extra set of clothing just in case)

Things to Leave at Home:

 All expensive items or those of great personal value such as: PSPs, Nintendo DS,
 MP3 players, IPODs, radios, cell phones, pagers trading cards, jewelry, money,
 watches, toys, etc.

  1. Weapons (even water guns) or other illegal substances
  2. Gum
  3. Expensive sneakers or sweaters

Please help us return lost items to you.  Mark ALL belongings with your child’s FIRST & LAST NAME.

Any items that children leave behind at camp will be brought to our lost and found box.  Counselors will put the box out in the morning during drop off and in the afternoon during pick up. Any items left unclaimed on the last day of camp will be donated to charity.