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Youth Fitness Classes

It is never too early to develop healthy exercise habits. Our Youth Fitness Classes are designed to help children develop positive behaviors at an early age, while having fun. We have two new classes Fitness and Friends and Cardio Obstacles. Both Classes are designed to disguise exercise with fun activities to promote great cardiovascular function and to build healthy bones and muscles.

Fitness and Friends (8 – 11)                       Monday/ Wednesday 4:30PM – 5:15PM
Class is designed to teach kids plyometric and calisthenic movements along with mixing in sport specific drills. This will help condition kids into athletes and help support healthy joint and bone growth.

Obstacle Relay (11 – 14)                            Monday / Wednesday 5:30PM – 6:30PM
Class is designed to teach kids different exercises, agility drills, and movements. The class is set up in fun drills that will stimulate both mind and body. It’s a great way to disguise strength and cardio in a fun challenging workout.

• Increased energy and stamina pm
• Improved skill, balance & coordination
• Increased self-confidence / improved body image

Family Member:            $50
Single Member:             $100
Non-Member:               $206