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Youth Dance Classes

Program Time:

Bitty Ballet, Tap  (ages 3-5)   Saturday 9:00-9:45AM
Tap/Hip Hop       (ages 5-8)   Saturday 9:50-10:35AM
Contemporary     (ages 8+)    Saturday 10:40-11:25AM
Ballet/Hip Hop   (ages 6+)    Saturday 11:30-12:15PM
Boys Hip Hop      (ages 5+)    Saturday 12:20PM-1:05PM


Program Location:

Group Exercise Studio

Program Cost:

Family Member  $37.50
Single Member   $50.00
Non Member      $100.00

Contact Info:

Devin D’Ambrosio

Fall 2 Session October 31 to December 17, 2017
There will be no class on Thanksgiving Day November 23, 2017.

Bitty Ballet, Tap    (Ages 3-5)
This class is an introductory to pre-ballet and tap. Dancers will develop coordination as they learn basic positions, steps, and terminology. Weekly themes, use of props and costumes will provide a magical dance experience for every child!

Tap/Jazz        (Ages 5-8)
This class is for 5 – 8 year olds ready to take dance instruction. Dancers will have a taste of Tap and creative dance with emphasis on body awareness, motor skills, and friendly interactions advancing techniques and terminology. Have fun with various styles of dance, music, and props!

Contemporary     (Ages 8 & up)  
This style is a cross between Jazz and Ballet. This class will consist of technique and across the floor progressions along with center floor choreography. Previous dance experience is required. Students should wear comfortable clothing. Leotard and tights, leggings, shorts, etc. Students should also be barefoot for class
* One Year Dance Experience in Ballet Hip/Hop Required

Ballet/Jazz    (Ages 6 & up)
Ballet instruction along with an upbeat, fun class that will also give students improved strength and confidence. This high-energy class will teach Hip Hop techniques and you will learn full-length choreography. Sneakers required.
*Pre-requisite for Contemporary Dance

Boys Hip-Hop     (Ages 5 & up)
This upbeat class combines basic hip-hop break dance technique and choreography with no suggestive lyrics/movements. In this fast-paced and fun class students will use hip-hop and break dance to develop their coordination, rhythm, flexibility and self-expression.

To make this a more enjoyable experience for all, we ask that you follow some simple guidelines:

  1. Please have your child use the restroom prior to class.
  2.  Parents/Guardians of children under 6 should remain at the YMCA while their child is in class.
  3. To allow the dance program to perform at a professional level and allow the children to learn to follow instructions and be independent. We are asking parents to please wait outside the dance studio during classes.
  4. Please be on time for class.  Some children may need additional time to get settled.  We appreciate your consideration!
  5. Please inform the dance instructor of any special considerations regarding your child that you feel we should know.
  6. Proper attire:  No jewelry or toys in class please!
    • All students should wear a solid colored leotard with tights.  A skirt or shorts is optional.  Leggings are acceptable as well.  Please have a bag for your student to keep their belongings in.
    • Please have students name in their belongings.
    • Students wear ballet shoes, tap shoes, or sneakers for Hip-Hop.  These items can be purchased at Payless Shoes.
    • Girls should have their hair tied back. A ponytail or braid is acceptable.  Short hair should be pushed away from the face
    • Please have your child bring water to class.